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I have passed 2 examinations; there is one more final on 24-th, if for any reason I find myself weak I shall take it in September.

At present we think of summer holiday: the question is very difficult for wherever I am I should continue playing the piano, therefore there comes an idea to remain even in Petersburg and for the sake of success of an undertaking to postpone meeting relatives till the next year; or for me to stay here, for Maleyka to go. In a word, all this will be found out when I know how much money I have on hands. Therefore I ask you to send me all I have, thus if I still owe to Sarabski do not deduct, let it remain for me because of enormous need in money. After reception of money we shall leave, or decide to stay. Therefore I ask you very much to send money quicker because of set deadlines of 26 and 28 for apartment and job payments.

Now, I may stay, and then we cannot meet for a while. So I ask you to express your opinion concerning further work from September. We have spent this year with no hardship due to what I have an opportunity to be composedly engaged in my field. Therefore I entered Conservatoire. For all of this I am obliged solely to your sincere desire to help me. For the sake of pursuance of this desire you sacrificed your comfort and health. Whether I shall be able to thank you it remains to be seen. From all the heart I wish you to spend summer in full quietude and to have a salutary holiday. As to the perspective I fully leave it to your inclination toward this action. I cannot ask you about the greater thing, because you have made too much for me. Ulterior steps depend simply on your desire to be engaged in it, if you wish, do continue, if you feel full apathy, then leave it, we shall think up something another. We can start serious musical job, when I graduate from Conservatoire. By the way, I want to inform you that I am not going to write anything new over 2 years, for gravity of my lessons and requirements of Conservatoire make me integrally unable to do such a job. Besides, by conservatoire rules I have no the right to act as a composer while I am a student of Conservatoire (let it be our secret).

So, with impatience wait I for the answer and money, after reception of those I shall write to you, and I may come and see you. We bow to Badush and Jamulki, bow to everybody and to Khanafush who I shall write the letter to.

Your Uzeyir.
On May 16, 1914

Đ.S. I have forgotten to ask you about money to be sent by telegraph, because we have no money at all, Maleyka showed me the last rubles.

1, 2, 3.With May in mind
4. Khanafush is Mamed-Khanafi Teregulov's endearing name for shortness.


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