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Devotionals to the composer


Compositions devoted to Uzeyir Hajibeyov

F. Amirov. "Memoirs ". Performers: B. Mamedzadeh, S. Aliyev, E. Aghayeva

S. Aleskerov. "Devotional to Uzeyir Hajibeyov". Performers: A. Aliyev, S. Aliyev, E. Aliyeva.

R. Hajiyev. "Poem" for chamber orchestra (in memoriam of U. Hajibeyov). Performer: Azerbaijan State Chamber Orchestra named after G. Garayev. Conductor: N. Rzayev

A. Abbasov. "Poem". Performer: S. Aliyev and E. Aliyeva

B. Karimov. "Echo of the East". Performer: Azerbaijan Radio and Television Symphony orchestra named after Niyazi. Conductor: A. Javanshir

R. Hajiyev. "Dedication". Performer: Azerbaijan Radio and Television Chamber orchestra. Conductor: N. Rzayev

G. Mamedov. "Story about Uzeyir". Performer: Chamber orchestra. Conductor: R. Melikaslanov.

M. Guliyev. "3 portraits", song cycle to A. Salahzadeh's words. First portrait - "Voice"(devoted to U. Hajibeyov). Prformer: A. Karimov (vocal) and R. Shifrin (piano)




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