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Devotionals to the composer



Alley of honorable
burying Sepulchral monument
Architect: O. Eldarov (1956)


Monument to U. Hajibeyov
in front of Baku Musical Academy
Sculptor: T. Mamedov

Memorial tablet

Memorial tablet on the house wall

Street named after U. Hajibeyov

The decision of Executive committee of the Baku city council of Workers Deputies #82 from March 4, 1949 to rename Freedom street into Hajibeyov street.

Steam-ship "Uzeyir Hajibeyov"

In 1977 in Russia (Rybinsk city, the plant named after Volodarski) the Azerbaijan State Caspian sea shipping company accepted the dry-cargo vessel of the mixed river - sea sailing in deadweight of 3000 tons, named in honor of Uzeyir Hajibeyov, the founder of Azerbaijan professional music, the ancestor of Azerbaijan opera.

Constructive type of the vessel: one-decked, twin-screw steam-ship without sheer, with a tank and quarterdeck, with an engine room and a superstructure located in the forage. Stem post is inclined forward with smooth transition to the bottom, forage is cruiser's.

Basic technical characteristics t/c of the "Uzeyir Hajibeyov":

Length overall -114,0 m
Width - 13,2 m
Height of the board - 5,5 m
Immersion - 3,73/3,65 m
Carrying capacity - 2250/3000 t
Quantity of cargo holds - 4
Total amount of cargo holds - 4297 m3
Speed - 10,4



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