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My silence speaks that I am very busy; it is possible to say that I work from morning till the late evening: first, preparation for forthcoming examination, second, I write an operetta which will be very successful and, by god's will, I shall send you in the right time. As to Zulfugar's1 productions in Shusha, certainly, I concern to this negatively. However, the matter is that Zulfugar wrote to me about Sarabski's2 offer to go to Shusha and stage plays with purpose to obtain the sum owed to me by Sarabski, for he had no any other opportunity to get money.

Really, I have not received money in time, and have received 100 roubles only after have been compelled to give the telegram; after that has written letter and asked it{him} from the debt in 400 roubles to send me even 200 roubles, but any answer has not received. The need in money has meanwhile come; it was necessary to give the vigorous telegram. Later some days have received 100 . Now again I wait for money. But instead of money the day before yesterday from has received the telegram from and e-": " We drink for your health, " and " was a success. " I have answered nothing. I do not know now, that will be farther, and, frankly speaking, now I am so busy with affairs that I have no time to think of extraneous problems.

Anyway, Shusha productions should not especially disturb us, as the need forces people to be thrown in the different sides and to catch what is possible more easily.

For the time being, good-bye; intimate greetings from Maleyka and me to Badush and Jamulki. Bow to a couple of the Teregulovs3.

Yours, Uzeyir
S. P. B.
On August 7, 1913.

1. Zulfugar Abdul-Huseyn oghlu Hajibeyov (1884-1950) is the honored art worker of the Azerbaijan SSR (1943), composer's senior brother. It is referred here to productions of Azerbaijani operas in the summer of 19138 in Shusha.
2. G.K.Sarabsky (Rzayev) (1879-1945), national actor of the Azerbaijan SSR (1932) outstanding actor, one of the organizers of the Azerbaijan Musical theatre in the beginning of its becoming. Within more than 30 years G.K.Sarabsky acted in title roles in mugam operas, as well as in musical comedies. A masterpiece of his scenic skill was the role of Majnun in the opera "Leyli and Majnun".
3. Here the composer means Mamed-Hanafi Teregulov's family (one of three brothers of composer's wife), the actor and the chorus master of the opera troupe of that period.

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