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I have received your letters, and I am very grateful for them. I am a little confused with the contract not taken legal effect. "Nijat"1 swindlers seem to let us down. I am troubled for not only about perspective amount I have to get from them after 2 years, but also for my periodic payments to be stopped by them on a fine day. If you also enter my internal motives, then strike a warning note so that I should take possible measures. Otherwise I may find myself in the wrong boat.

If you have obtained an advance, do insist on deduction from the December payment only a part of it instead of the whole one, as they want. At the same time this is what I think, dear Muslim. You write, that "Nijat" will deduct the contract charge of 22 rubles.

1) What is the contract charge on earth?

2) What should I be deducted for?

3) In fact, the contract is not submitted to the notary, isn't it? Consequently, it counts for nothing.

In a word, if they deduct from my pay packet whatever is due to, then you know, there remains too little for my family and me. After all, I need in 150 rubles, because I am due for courses2 35 rubles, for dinner - 40 rubles, for the flat - 30 rubles, and about 50 roubles I have to return a debt, and the family needs if only 80 roubles.

But I think, the case is reparable. December pay envelope of 250 rubles adding 100 rubles an advance makes 350 rubles. Out of this sum you should hand 100 rubles to the family, send 150 rubles to us, out of the rest hand 25 rubles to Panah3, take 25 for you, and give 50 rubles to "Nijat".

Desire of "Nijat" to deduct from me all the duty once again confirms my presentiment that they will stop my periodic payments; therefore they do not want me to have debt for them. In fact, "Nijat" dealers, apparently, has exhausted all juice of my products. This year there is nothing to squeeze out from them any more; therefore there is nothing for me to be based. Thus, " having cut off my way of deviation ", "Nijat" staff will dictate other conditions what they want.

However, you know more about mood of "Nijat" people. Here is important to achieve the lawful contract to connect them with it. I ask you, write me the detailed letter about the all. Then try to receive money on the 1-st day and to send me by telegraph. Thus, I ask you to go to Isa bey4 and personally ask him on behalf of my name to support you.

My musical lessons go on rather successfully; weakness is the piano studying, though I make appreciable successes in it, as well.

On November 25, 1912. Moscow.
Good-bye so far.
Yours, Uzeyir

1. "Nijat" is a Muslim charitable society organized in Baku in 1906. There was a theatrical section attached to the society, which supervised over theatrical performances, a set of artistic forces, etc.
2.The question is a tuition fee for musical courses.
3. Panah Alekber oghlu Gasimov, a teacher of the Baku six-class school those years, composer's brother-in-law.
4. Isa-bey Ashurbeyov, the Board member of "Nijat" society.


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