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Since June 21 we have been in Jeleznovodsk. Maleyka1 is undergoing treatment, and I am learning to play the piano. Here I have found the teacher who gives me 3 lessons a week with everyday use of a piano for only 15 rubles a month.

While in Baku we took into our head to go to Shusha and give plays there. Knowing that the part of music is at your place, we along with Maleyka dropped in on your flat and took the music. However, Shusha plans misfired, music is left with Jamal2 . Our people moved in Mashtagi3 gardens. Let me know when you are going to Baku. I will also inform you before leaving for Moscow. How is your living with Makki4 , how about her health? We are not much bored, sometimes we go about the groups.

Give Maleyka's and my best regards to Badush5 , mom, Jamuli 6 and all the friends.

Your Uzeyir.
July 3, 1912.
Engineer alley, cottage #9.

1. Maleyka-khanim Hajibeyova - ne'e Teregulova - composer's wife
2. Jamal Pashayev - composer's nephew (sister's son)
3. Mashtagi - settlement type country on the Apsheron peninsula
4. Makka - Muslim Magomayev's sister
5. Badush is for shortness endearing name, for full is Badiguljamal (ne'e Teregulova), M. Magomayev's wife name.
6. Jamuli is for shortness endearing name, for full is Jamaladdin, M. Magomayev's elder son's name.


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