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You cannot imagine how much your letter has pleased Maleyka and me. Just before this we spoke about summer holiday we need after such amplified job all the more so because from September a bigger work is in for me to do. We spoke, God forbid, if we will not have money in summer, then the rest is out of the question. But your letter infused hopes into us, calmed and encouraged. We were very much touched with that you for the sake of maintenance of summer holiday sent us 150 saving a stock for more sensitive need, and did it very well. We have already got used to live economically so out of 150 rubles we sent home 50 and live on hundred rubles, in spite of the fact that out of them 25 we paid for a room rent, 14 for the piano (for two months) and took something from a pawnshop. All this due to home-prepared meals enables us to save monthly a minimum superfluous 20-25 rubles for restaurants, etc. This time we need in 170 rubles (we have calculated on trifles). And now, dear Muslim, save 30 rubles more out of 200 and the rest 170 send to us by mail so as not to spend for the telegram. You'd better send them on February 25 in order to reach us on the 1-st of March when we shall be without money already.

From your letter we see that in the beginning you did not believe I have entered Conservatoire. It is a shame on you, could I tell lies and moreover on telegraph! My doctrine goes rather successfully, I hope to pass to a counterpoint class where alongside with counterpoint we are also going to take instrumentation. Hence, in one year I will know all that is necessary for compositions: harmony, counterpoint and orchestration. Then with the divine help you and I shall start more thorough, organized and interesting job. And now I wish you to continue the dazzling successes, god gives we shall soon meet. Bow to Badush, Jamulka and to all the kinsfolk. I kiss all of you.

Your Uzeyir
On Febrary 19, 1914
S. P. B.



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