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Today I took a decision to talk to you at all accounts. First, I thank you and all for congratulations and for money; at Conservatoire I have paid 126 rubles 20 kopek for January entrants should pay more.

Yes! At last, I am within the walls of Conservatoire. I have entered a harmony class, i.e. just that class where theorists are accepted; if I played the piano well I would have entered a counterpoint class, i.e. one grade higher. However, it is very difficult to get in a counterpoint class at once, and I know none example that somebody would enter a counterpoint class, for even very good prepared students are advised to remain in a harmony class over a year. But I am glad anyway, because there are big requirements and so much work in a harmony class that I did not suppose at all, by this in general, in the beginning everything seemed to be easy, but in reality absolutely on the contrary. It is very difficult to get in Conservatoire.

At present I have a lot of job to do. Every day I go to Conservatoire, 2 times a week I have piano lessons, 2 times - practical harmony, etc. Each time I should recite, therefore it is necessary to be prepared for each lesson. Every day I work over 6-7-8 hours! In the beginning of May transitive examinations are supposed, therefore it is necessary to work strenuously! In view of all these circumstances this year I could not write anything new, for Maleyka is a witness how much I am busy and how I work. If I write something new, it can be only in summer. I hope, you will spend this year somehow and enable me not to break away working for the sake of extraneous earnings.

I do not know how well and where I should be in the summer; the question is at a loss because of the piano I cannot come off and I should play all the summer long. But where is the piano in summer residences? We have postponed this matter decision till May, and then we shall think.

Our life proceeds very monotonously, though sometimes we dare to be at symphony concerts that are necessary for me; besides every Saturday I listen to the best orchestra at Conservatoire and as a Conservatoire student I have an access in the Marian theatre several times a year for 50 kopek; once I have already been and listened to "Loengrin" by Wagner. What a theatre! It's very difficult to get there. How poor students and attendees are: to extract tickets for themselves, they are on duty at a theatre gate over the whole night. Tomorrow we are going with Maleyka to listen to a symphony concert directed by Glazunov, the rector of Conservatoire.

So, in spite of the fact that we live in Petersburg, each divine day we eat shish kebab, which we fry in the oven. It is very tasty, healthy and cheap, for restaurant dinners ruin the person in every respect: one leaves there both money and health. In a word, now we have learned to live like students. Nevertheless the charge is big, for every step requires money here. Even when you go on a visit, except for road charges, it is still necessary to pay to the doorkeeper. Now do write, how all of you are, nobody writes anything to us, Maleyka misses letters. Tragic death of poor Imran1 affected on me very badly, it is awfully a pity the man.

Bow to Badush and to all our people, kiss Jamulka and write to us.

Your Uzeyir
S . P. B.
On Febrary 7, 1914

1. Imran Gasimov, a builder and contractor, those years he often acted as an actor in opera productions; he was lost having fallen from the constructed building located at the corner of streets of A.G. Garayev and Polukhin (onetime Female club named after Ali Bayramov).



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