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Editorial center "Musigi Dunyasi" expresses genuine gratitude to the organizations mentioned above for unselfish assistance on creating the Internet portal of the great Azerbaijan composer
U. Hajibeyov.
Azerbaijan State Archive of Literature and
Art named after S. Mumtaz 
Azerbaijan State Archive
Azerbaijan State Museum of Musical culture
Azerbaijan State Television and Radiobroadcast Company
Azerbaijan State Archive of film-photo documents
Azerbaijan State Museum of the Theatre named after J. Jabbarli
Azerbaijan Open Society Institute - assistance fund
Azerbaijan National Science Academy.
Manuscript Institution
Baku Musical Academy
U. Hajibeyov's House-museum
U. Hajibeyov's House-museum in Shusha
and Culture department of Shusha
Azerbaijan Republic Ministry of Culture and Tourism
Azerbaijan Republic Ministry of Education
Azerbaijan History Museum
National Education Museum
Azerbaijan Composers Union
"Azerbaijan Culture Friends"fund



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